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These days, it's been like a mini roller-coaster ride to me. I'm happy with my ideas/concepts for my assignment(s) and drawings, but other things constantly bug me. I've been sick for a week now, my brother keeps being the asshole he is, and some subjects I'm taking in uni are just pure torture to sit through *coughEthicsTutorialcough* (though, we did watch Fireproof during a lesson and I loved the sappiness). Also, I've been inexplicably having my emo-period where I just want to do nothing but listen to Secondhand Serenade.

I'm pretty sure I'll cheer myself up if I draw, so that's what I'm gonna do after my nap. In the meantime...

Official Phoenix Wright real live action movie Y/Y?

8DDD 2012 come fasterrrr

EDIT: Oh goodness I just watched the (sort of) trailer here. I fainted <3
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Just survived midterms.

Apart from spreading my Hetalia virus (as well as USxUK; I'm so proud of myself, Ning!) to quite a lot of people (well, the definition of 'a lot' may differ, but) and watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, I've been spending my free time (or what was left of it nowadays) doing homework and chipping away at fanarts I owe people. I ought to be shot for not finishing anything at all and being a slowpoke.

Of Hetalia and Avatar: The Last Airbender (contains stalking, impressions, and some ranting) )

Of movies I've watched lately )

Recently, one of my groupmates talked to me that she found it disgusting that Michelangelo was gay, which she knew about when researching for a summary of Renaissance, and gave me some invalid arguments (which she sadly didn't realise). I almost wanted to tell her that homophobia is gay, but I held back. Oh, the narrow-mindedness of people here. I feel like I could choke at any moment.
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Alright so I saw some people complaining about the apparently new LJ posting system, and I wanted to check it out. It looks the same to me, though.

Uni life's been hectic as ever, and it's just three weeks into the semester. It's been hard keeping myself awake until the wee hours in the morning like I've done during the holidays. I tend to sleep everything off now.

Well, it's also partly because I'm really... annoyed at my family. I know I shouldn't be feeling like this because it's still a pretty functional family compared to those seriously troubled ones out there, but it's just very hard keeping my emotions inside and my mouth shut. I got this puzzle-shaped piece of paper from my senior buddy just a few days ago, and she told us to poke a tiny hole through it every time we 'commit a sin'. I get the feeling mine will be covered in holes in no time because I keep thinking... just, really bad things.

Which is pretty funny because I keep drawing really happy, fluffy, peaceful art whenever I draw or doodle. It's almost like my mind is subconsciously trying to counter the negativity of itself. Like now, I'm drawing Spongebob!US and Squidward!UK.

Anyways, we're currently enjoying a one-week holiday because of Idul Fitri/Ramadhan. And my other grandma just arrived and will be staying throughout the holiday. She smells of old things and powder and she's the best grandma. I'll be catching up on my homework essays, and hopefully draw something. I really miss my tablet.

Also, look what I've found when I was looking for fonts for my Typography Book: US & UK.

Heee <3


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