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Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule, Hanukkah, etc to you guys who celebrate them :) Happy holidays to all of you :)

Mine has been... endurable so far. Aside from my mother not talking to me for reasons I don't know of, her harping to me about things I haven't done (which was only to sort laundry out), and the extended family gathering I was forced to go to last night, it was okay. I'm perfectly fine just staying at home doing stuff on my laptop.

Okay, I did enjoy the karaoke session with my cousins last night. Apparently they were rather shocked that I'd sing something like Fall Out Boy (stupid machine didn't have enough New Found Glory), and they said that was unexpected of me to have such a 'hard' taste in music. LOL.


On another note, I've been watching Castle, the crime TV series in which a mystery novelist gets to be on an NYPD detective's cases and follows her around to help her catch criminals and do research on his new book. I'm on S03E13 now. And so far, I can't help but think that America would be perfect for the role of Richard Castle the novelist who's imaginative, childish but smart, albeit less self-absorbed and 'loose' and not having two ex-wifes and living with a daughter and a mother. England would be perfect for Kate Beckett the detective because she's more mature, and she always tries to argue with Castle and would pretend she doesn't like his company (well, as much as him following her around can be called company) when in truth she actually likes it. Tsundere much?

I mean, there is so much UST between Castle and Beckett, much like America and England XD though I'm pretty miffed that they haven't resolved it yet when it's so obvious they're a match and it's been three seasons already.

I can also imagine the tech-savvy Japan and France as Ryan and Esposito, the two assisting detectives respectively. Then Taiwan can be Japan's girlfriend (like Jenny and Ryan), and Seychelles can be Lanie, the one analysing dead bodies (I think she's pretty tough, and then she can be France's girlfriend, like Lanie and Esposito).

This is my fangirling brain refusing to stop spewing nonsense. But it's been in my head for almost a week. I mean, can't you imagine America suggesting alien abduction as the cause of a murder, playing with light sabers at home, getting excited to visit a magic shop, and being best buds with everyone including the Mayor? Also, England being aloof at times, teasing America at other times, having a rather illustrious youth as a delinquent, and donning that deadpan look? IT SO FITS.

Other than that, it's a rather nice series to watch, and I enjoy every episode because of the interesting murders and character interaction. Though I'm a bit sad because there's no continuous plotline in every episode like there is in White Collar. And the humour is pretty hilarious.


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