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I don't usually watch reality TV shows because they're carefully orchestrated to add some drama and flair by the companies (like Master Chef; I watched it for the yummy food, not the over-the-top drama), but these past few weeks found me glued to the TV screen whenever Indonesian Idol aired. Some of the contestants really have it in them to become big hits!

My mom, who's been watching it since the auditions, told me how some of them come from difficult backgrounds; one was a beggar (but he's very well-mannered! I almost couldn't believe it), the mother of another contestant sold their chickens so that her son could go to the audition, while another one has had to experience a riches-to-rags story and is now trying to restore her family's reputation. Way to tug at my heartstrings, FremantleMedia.

My votes go to Yoda, Dion, Regina, and Sean; though I also support Rosa and Sandy. They have just performed popular girl/boy band songs in groups of three, and their performances were brilliant! Go get them, guys!
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I feel like I have so many things to do, but also that I have nothing to do simultaneously...

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Something happened while I was scanning my external HDD and now I can't see all my files. They seem to be there but I can't access them at all.

I'm really really freaking out. I can't stop shaking and my heartbeat rivals that of a person watching a scary movie while on a treadmill after drinking a dozen cans of energy drink.

And to think that just this afternoon everything was going well. I was a fucking fool to even dare to think that.

ohmygoddddddd *cries and cuddles hamsters*
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Crossposted to [ profile] bakemonogatari, [ profile] angelbeats_fans, [ profile] yuujinchou, and [ profile] gintama, sorry if you see multiple posts!

Also, Ning, go join (•ิω•ิ)b
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More Gintoki/Tsukuyo interaction yay! :D there's also a LOT of dirty jokes, though that's pretty normal for Gintama. I really like Tsukuyo, she's strong (both physically and mentally) and dependable, a great onee-san figure who also has her own adorable traits (like getting violent after getting drunk from a bourbon chocolate). I wish she had more screen time! I've never thought I'd ship Gin-san romantically with anyone, but as soon as she first appeared during the Yoshiwara arc in episode 177, I knew it had to be her. Sorachi-sensei is the best!

Oh and Ning-chan, here goes. See, I drew her chomping on a fish in the riverbank. Though that can be changed :P


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