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But this is a music meme from [ profile] sir_pinkleton! :D and I have nothing to do (that five-page comic assignment can wait).

Rule 1: Please only use up to two lines.

Rule 2: Add in the first choice that pops into your mind--don't try to think about it too much!

Rule 3: Have your fellow LJ friends guess the name of the song/artist based off your lyric choice (optional).

HERE WE GO! What are lyrics that...

...describe your current mood? Happiness returned to me / Through a grave emergency would like to be remembered by after death? And baby I'm living louder / And dreaming longer, tonight

...relax you after a stressful day? And love comes back around again / It's a carousel, my friend

...describe your thoughts on love? I’m the one who watches over you / That’s what I was built to do

...lift your mood and make you smile? So say, what are you waiting for? / Kiss her, kiss her

...make you cry? It was the last of the letters from war

...touch your heart with genuine sentiment? But I don’t wanna be a bride / Apologies to each other

...come off as creepy to you while everyone else thinks they're sweet? (I have nothing for this, obviously I'm not gonna listen to it or have it in my library if I think it's creepy, but if I had to choose one: Grenade by Bruno Mars. Seriously, this guy writes extra cheesy lyrics with parmesan on top. Admittedly, the melodies are rather... catchy.)

...are inspirational/motivational/help you get the job done? You're a waitress in a cocktail bar / And I'll save you 'cause I'm a big rock star

...are wise words to carry through life? I refuse to spend life on my knees / And I won't let somebody else make my decisions for me

...are fun to scream/sing along with in the car/anywhere you are alone? Now I'm coming home / I'm coming home to you again listen to when you're angry? Let's get fucked up and die / I'm speaking figuratively, of course

...sound really stupid in an otherwise good song? 'Cause I see the stars in the freckles on her face / And I'm seein' God every time she says my name'd sing to your child (if you had/wanted one)? Did you learn anything cause in the world today / You can't live in a castle far away

...sum you up as a person? A brand new look and take them by surprise / They’ll never guess what’s not inside

Guess the song/artist if you want. Do it yourself if you want.

I have A LOT of songs for the fourth prompt because I'm a romantic *sighs* why do I have such a rose-coloured view of love when I don't even have a love life?

It feels strange that last week was such a whirlwind of assignments and all-nighters, but this week is so slack...
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